We build and maintain CI pipelines so you don't have to

Githaxs is a GitHub Application that enables you to run commonly used CI tools on all of your repositories in minutes. No config files. No maintenance. No performance optimization.

We do it all for you.

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Easy to Use

The Githaxs application is easy to install and start using. No expensive migrations or initial setup costs, simply click a few buttons and run CI tools on any or all of your repos.


Githaxs provides insights so you can identify bottlenecks in your code review process. Using insights you can determine how long it takes to review and merge a pull request and which repos to focus on.


Githaxs makes open source SAST tools easy to use so you can ensure your code does not contain security vulnerabilities. If you are SOC2 or HITRUST compliant these tools are a MUST have.

Install in Seconds

Easiest Way to Setup CI.

Running commonly used CI tools has never been easier. Watch this quick demo to see how fast it is to setup a tool on ALL repos within your GitHub organization.


What Our Clients Say

Githaxs insights is going to be a huge contributor to productivity’s backlog.


Developer Productivity Engineer

It’s solid stuff! Good security policies and TCS references to SOC2.


Application Security Manager

Whoa - I want to buy half your brain and half of Githaxs.


VP of Engineering

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Click the link below to install the Githaxs GitHub Application.

Once you have installed the Githaxs application you will be redirected to a dashboard where you can configure the CI tools you want to use.

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  • Public Support via GitHub Issues
  • Unlimited Repositories
  • Unlimited Concurrency
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  • Linting/Formatting Tasks
  • Private Support via Email
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  • All Startup Features
  • Githaxs Insights
  • Security (SAST) Tools
  • Priority Support (24h response)
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